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Power of Partnerships

In the first few weeks of term, pupils and staff have been involved in a variety of partnership activities with schools in London.

This week, we welcomed Upper Sixth Psychology students from The Totteridge Academy who ran their research methods projects, using our A Level Psychology students as participants. This follows a similar exchange that happened last summer, when our students ran their own projects with The Totteridge Academy students; our students had the opportunity to participate in a series of studies ranging from research into confidence, anxiety, unconscious bias in judging criminals and internalised misogynies. The mutually beneficial exchange allowed students to learn more about the challenges of running psychological research, a task that our Lower Sixth students will be undertaking next summer. Our Head of Psychology, Ms Massey-Smith, has been teaching at the academy since April 2022.

Through our well-established Classics outreach programme, pupils in numerous primary and secondary schools are now being taught Latin by our teachers, whilst our Modern Foreign Language teachers continue to introduce local primary pupils to Spanish and French. A new partnership with UCL Academy is also also underway – a successful teacher exchange programme with our neighbouring school. At Holy Trinity Primary School next door, Junior School Teachers and Sixth Form volunteers have been offering co-curricular activities before school and plans are developing for a joint-venture eco-garden.

Meanwhile, our award-winning Debate Hub continues to provide opportunities for hundreds of pupils to find their voice, with a busy schedule of collaborative coaching and competitions.

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