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Public Speaking Competition

Every Year 7 to 10 student takes part in our annual Public Speaking Competition – well done to this year’s winners!

The top students from each class performed in a grand final in front of their entire year group. Congratulations to our winners and runners up in each year:

  • Year 7 Joint Winners: Ada (‘The Matrix and My Sister’) and Dia (‘The World in 2100’)
  • Year 7 Runner-Up: Noor (‘The 3D Printing of Houses’)
  • Year 8 Winner: Aliyah (‘Why Doesn’t the World Revolve Around Me?)
  • Year 8 Joint Runners-Up: Chiara (‘Flying Spaghetti Monsters’), Sanaya (‘On Bullying’) and Camille (‘I Don’t Have Corona!’)
  • Year 9 Winner: Angie (‘Road Monsters’)
  • Year 9 Runner-Up: Sadie (‘Sweetcorn’)
  • Year 10 Winner: Noa (‘Laziness and Procrastination’)
  • Year 10 Runner-Up: Lauren (‘Why I Love Reading’)

In the final assembly of the year, Camille delivered her incredibly insightful speech about being half-Asian to the whole school – well done for speaking out so bravely, eloquently and powerfully.

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