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Safe-cracking Contest

Last Sunday, two crack teams of South Hampstead Physicists headed to Dulwich College to compete in a safe-cracking competition.

One the teams – the Safe-cracking Sisters – report back on their day:

‘We had been planning our safes since September and made the long journey to Dulwich on very little sleep and lots of anticipatory excitement. Once we arrived at the competition we were treated to a fantastic spread of pastries, helping to fuel us on our mission to crack numerous safes, based on solving Physics problems. The competition was intense and we felt a little out of our depth but that didn’t stop us from plunging in and attacking each safe with gusto.  It was easily one of the most fun and interesting academic events that we have ever attended; we also made friends with fellow Physics enthusiasts from all over the UK.  The other South Hampstead team, Phone a Friend, nearly achieved a clean sheet with very few teams able to crack their safe, whilst we (as the Safe-cracking Sisters) received positive words of encouragement from the chief of Weizmann UK, who expressed how impressed the judges were with our scientific ingenuity! Thank you to the Physics department for offering us this opportunity.’

by Lia, Krista, Biba, Emily and Lila (Lower Sixth)

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