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Short Film Premiere

Our Sixth Form Theatre Company have produced their first short film, premiered at our local Vue cinema before hitting the big screen in Waterlow Hall.

With the pandemic curtailing plans for the Sixth Form Theatre Company to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, Director of Drama Ms Martin enlisted a producer from Lucid Dream Pictures to develop an exciting short film project this term.  Our Sixth Form students report back on the making of Trophy Hunters: 

“From the first day of brainstorming, to the last day when we could finally say ‘It’s a wrap!’, making Trophy Hunters was an eye-opening and fulfilling experience. It was a huge honour being a part of something that our school had never done before, and amazing to get a taste of what it’s like working in film.  The whole process, from writing the initial script to finally filming it, was unlike anything we had ever done before. Getting used to our characters and the way we were supposed to play them really pushed our creativity and allowed us to step outside of our comfort zones. We learned so many things, such as the importance of lighting and continuity…  and how easy it is to fall into a giggling fit! After being through so much over the last year, it was great to make something that brought us together.

Working alongside Julian and Jade from Lucid Dream Pictures, and spending weekends filming with the rest of the cast, was a tiring experience – especially when we had to go back and film scenes that weren’t quite right. Trying to fit filming around people in a busy school was also challenging, but certainly made every moment more memorable. It took a lot of hard work and patience to do justice to the script that we developed together. Laughing (and crying) with this cast will something to cherish for the rest of our lives – it has been a magical experience.”


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