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Speaking Out

We started the academic year with more debating success, whilst we continue to support more partner schools to develop pupil oracy skills.

For our first public speaking contest of the year, we welcomed nearly 100 students from 10 partner schools, with pupils tackling an ambitious range of topics ranging from cringe culture and the benefits of following the herd, to the TikTok trend of ‘girl math’,  and why we should be more like honeybees. To date, our award-winning Debate Hub programme has encouraged well over 1000 partner school pupils to develop their oracy skills. As well hosting a busy schedule of public speaking and debating events, we also provide schools with the necessary resources and tools to promote and coach debating and public speaking themselves.

Meanwhile, our own debaters have delivered some standout performances so far this term at top-level contests. At the Dulwich Schools’ Competition, our Year 11 debaters had a great day: Molly and Camille made the Gold finals, and Sophia and Chiara reached the Silver finals. And at the Eton invitational, Olivia in the Lower Sixth and Ada in Year 10 made the Gold final – congratulations to all who took part.

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