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Staff vs Student Netball

Pupils gathered to watch the eagerly-anticipated annual staff vs student match this week, raising funds for the school charity.

The game was divided into six sixths, evenly umpired by both staff and Sixth Formers. The senior student netball squad comprises of players from the Lower and Upper Sixth, although they were missing two key players through injury – Tamara and Emma, the team coaches. Unfazed,  Daisy took the first centre pass leading to an early goal with some assured shooting from the girls. Head of Economics (his debut in a bright pink GS bib) eventually levelled the score – a tense, tight start.

PE and Classics Teachers then moved into shooting positions, while the History and Maths Departments masterminded defence. Just before half time the staff subbed yet more shooters – Director of Sixth Form and Chemistry this time – experimenting with a different formation and the hope that basketball skills might be transferable. Throughout the game, there was swift and solid mid-court play from a core of PE and Maths teachers (‘Willett the whippet’ in WA displaying some phenomenal speed), with the Head of Netball strategically rotating her players and shouting instructions to optimise their flagging energy levels. Despite strong play and numerous interceptions from the students, the teachers were ahead 10 – 6 by half-time, although looking grateful for a 2 minute break to recharge, some faces almost matching their bibs.

The second half saw strong defence from Mia and Aly, fantastic centre court play from Daisy, Issy and Rosie and excellent shooting from Alice, Eliza, Clara and Michaela. The teachers, however, were relentless in their determination.  Eventually the team with an extra few inches’ height, an extra few years’ experience and an extra few players clinched the victory, with a scoreline that felt closer than it actually ended: 24 – 11. Well done to both teams. Next year, girls.

The real winner, however, was of course the school charity, Action Breaks Silence, with all spectators donating generously to witness the annual spectacle – a feat of camaraderie, competitiveness and some gravity-defying leaps.


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