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Towards 150 Concert

At the start of each academic year, we invite a professional musician to perform in Waterlow Hall as part of our Towards 150 concert series.

The evenings are also an opportunity for us to say thank you to our community, as we share and seek support for our philanthropic goals for the forthcoming year.  This year, we are delighted to welcome renowned pianist and alumna Joanna MacGregor on Tuesday 5th October at 7pm. Joanna will present a varied programme including Bach, Chopin, Liszt and Piazzolla, performing on our Steinway Model D grand piano, given as gift to the school. Tickets are free and will be available from September 2021.

At the age of 11, Joanna won a bursary place at South Hampstead. She was already a talented and accomplished musician, but it was at South Hampstead that she truly explored her talents for drama and performance, as well as developing an outstanding academic mind. She gained a place to read music at Cambridge and continued as a postgraduate at the Royal Academy of Music before embarking on her professional career.

South Hampstead gave me the gift of a free education, encouraging me to be academically ambitious and introducing me to a world of ideas and possibilities.

Joanna is now recognised as one of the world’s most innovative musicians: a concert pianist, curator, conductor and collaborator, who has pursued a life connecting many genres of music-defying categorisations.  Joanna has kindly agreed to donate her performance to our Opening Doors bursary campaign and guests will be invited to make a contribution to our bursary funds on the night, with all proceeds helping to support a girl’s education at South Hampstead.

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