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Upper Sixth Leavers

We bid farewell, for now, to our Upper Sixth students ahead of their A Levels.

Our Class of 2023 enjoyed a fun final week in school, making the most of their last lessons and embracing an array of creative fancy dress opportunities. Before embarking on study leave to begin their exam preparations in earnest, they attended a special leavers’ assembly, receiving yearbooks, hoodies and words of wisdom from Mrs Bingham, Ms Brass and Mr White. The students then staged their ‘retrospective’ in the sports hall, with their comedic performances providing a wonderfully irreverent take on school life, followed by a celebratory lunch in Oakwood.

Our Director of Sixth Form, Mr White, commented: “We wish the Class of 2023 the very best of luck in their forthcoming exams. We look forward to celebrating their achievements at their valedictory ceremony and leavers’ ball at the end of next month. We are so proud of the young adults they have become and hope they’ll continue contributing to the school community with their expertise and wisdom as alumnae in the years to come.”

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