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Wellness Week

Our Sixth Form Wellness Team hosted a week of activities encouraging everyone to find their own idea of wellness.

To coincide with Children’s Mental Health Week, students meditated during form time, enjoyed wholesome snacks at break, and embraced some lunchtime dance and karaoke. With the assistance of Upper Sixth students Amelia, Lucia and Livvy (Music Captain), as well as our ukulele players, the community was greeted with uplifting music each morning, while everyone had the chance to add positive messages to the glass walls of the atrium.

At break, we welcomed the return of the much-loved smoothie bike, as pupils enthusiastically made their own pedal-powered smoothies. At lunch, the seventh floor was transformed into a relaxation heaven, with Lower Sixth members of the Wellness Team assisting with friendship bracelet making and nail painting – a big hit with all students from Year 7 to the Sixth Form.  Staff were encouraged to go on wellness walks during breaks, while students from our local School of Osteopathy provided quick shoulder massages.

Our Deputy Head Girl (Wellness and Peer Mentoring), Zoya, commented: “Our Wellness Team led an assembly about how different people relax around the world, from martial arts in Japan to coffee breaks in Sweden, to remind everyone of the importance of taking a break and focusing on our physical and mental wellbeing. One of the key aims of the week was to encourage students to spend more time incorporating wellness into their daily routines. Whilst it’s important to celebrate weeks like this, it is equally important to prioritise our health every day.”

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