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Wellness Week

To coincide with Children’s Mental Health Week, students encouraged the community to find different ways to cultivate their wellbeing.

Each year, our Sixth Form Wellness Team host a programme of wellbeing-focused activities for Wellness Week. This year, each day’s activities focused on a particular aspect of wellness: emotional, environmental, social, physical and intellectual.  Spearheaded by Deputy Head Girl, Irmak, pupils organised laughter yoga, a sleeping workshop, pampering in our seventh floor ‘oasis of calm’, and uplifting music in the atrium.

In collaboration with the Eco Team, students also organised a Sixth Form litter picking walk to Primrose Hill and giveways of wildflower seeds and sustainable period products. Budding rockstars played tunes to an appreciative audience in the atrium at lunchtime, while Year 8 pupils – Honey, Miranda and Cayley – produced over 200 handmade lavender bags, with all proceeds from sales going to support the Calcutta Social Project.  We ended the week with fun-filled party games, as staff and students embraced dressing up races, balloon cup blowing and sweet pong with great enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone involved for galvanising the whole school community to appreciate a holistic and personalised approach to health and wellbeing.

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