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Writer in Residence

Award-winning poet and novelist Frances Leviston returns to deliver creative writing workshops and masterclasses.

For over a decade, Frances has been visiting the school to teach different approaches to creative writing; while last year’s residency shifted online, due to Covid, we were delighted to welcome her back to deliver sessions in person this term, helping pupils to find inspiration for both poetry and story-writing.

Frances, whose first novel was published last year, hosted workshops for all ages during their English lessons as well as 1:1 masterclasses for aspiring writers at lunchtimes and after school. As well as delivering assemblies and lectures for GCSE and A Level students, she introduced Year 8 to the science fiction genre as part of a Sci-Fi Day organised by our Director of STEM. Frances also welcomed entries for her annual creative writing competition on the theme of revival, discovery or animal, which attracted a wonderful array poetry and fiction entries from all year groups. Congratulations to all the following winners:

  • Year 7 Poetry: ‘Seriously, Just Don’t’ by Eva
  • Year 8 Poetry: ‘Waterfall’ by Claudia
  • Year 8 Story: ‘We stay there, entwined…’ by Ellia
  • Year 9 Poetry: ‘Discovery’ by Camille
  • Year 10 Story: ‘Lack of Tea’ by Talia
  • Year 11 Poetry: ‘The birds fly south for winter…’ by Lily
  • Year 11 Story: ‘Sea Glass’ by Mae
  • Sixth Form Poetry:  ‘As you are’ by Penelope

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