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Year 7 Bonding

Our new cohort of Year 7 pupils have embraced their first term in the Senior School, making the most of the return to ‘normal’ school life.

Our new starters joined from numerous different primary schools across London this year. Over their first few weeks, after two quite unusual years, they have enjoyed adapting to a new building, new subjects, new teachers and making new friends, as well as immersing themselves in a plethora of co-curricular activities.

Earlier this month, girls enjoyed a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – an opportunity to don quirky headgear and get together over hot chocolate, sandwiches and freshly-baked cake, served with a menu of conversation starters, ranging from ‘What’s the strangest animal you’ve seen in the wild?’ to ‘Do you think virtual reality will change the world?’ One student wore a medieval castle she had created herself; another made had an exquisite hat so small it fit into the palm of her hand. Mrs Bingham joined the girls for the event, which one pupil described as “magical.”

Just before the half term break, each form group also enjoyed a half day of problem-solving games in Waterlow Hall, thinking about the principles of communications, resilience and teamwork. The pupils commented: “The activities were so much fun, even though we found them hard!”

Head of Year 7, Ms Janz, added: “It’s been wonderful to see the girls laughing and having such a fun time together.” 

We look forward to supporting them as they continue to thrive in the weeks and years ahead.

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