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Year 7 Residential

As residential trips resumed, Year 7 embraced a three-day, outdoor bonding adventure in Wiltshire.

The whole year group enjoyed action-packed days abseiling, raft-building and climbing, and fun-filled evenings playing live Cluedo and making new friends in their shared rooms.

“My most memorable moment was the giant swing. Every time I swung down my stomach did somersaults! The trip was an amazing experience which I will never forget.” – Lizzie 

“Raft-building was my highlight. Working in a team to create something that we would all end up falling off was a really fun. It involved teamwork, learning new skills and getting drenched in the lake!” Evie 

“My favourite part was the abseiling. It was petrifying at first due to it being so high, and I was too scared to do it, but my team encouraged me to take on the challenge! In the end it was my favourite activity.” Daria 

Head of Year 7, Ms Janz, commented: “I was so pleased and proud to see everyone stepping out of their comfort zone – spending time with new friends, and trying activities that frightened them… and usually immediately wanting a second go! They were all so wonderfully supportive of one another.” 

By the final day, the resident tadpoles in the on-site pond had metamorphosed into energetic frogs – a wonderful analogy for the pupils’ progress and burgeoning independence.

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