Our torchbearers: Alumnae

Former South Hampstead pupils are a diverse and unique of group of women spanning all generations. They are an active and inspiring community – some still here in North West London and others further afield across the world – keen to support each other and their old school.

Together with the Girls’ Day School Trust, our network of over 70,000 alumnae spans over 100 countries around the world – a fantastic resource for pupils and former pupils to connect with like-minded women and to make useful links and contacts. Notable alumnae include prize-winning authors, cutting-edge scientists, passionate campaigners, legendary broadcasters, successful businesswomen, and distinguished lawyers.

Last year, over 160 alumnae visited South Hampstead High School to give advice about university applications and courses; to deliver inspiring careers talks; to speak at prizing givings and assemblies; to attend reunions; or simply to reconnect with their old school and friends after many years.

There are no better role models than alumnae to inspire and motivate our students to follow in their footsteps. If you are an alumna and interested in taking part in a careers event as a speaker, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us to find out how you could help.

Members benefit from networking both socially and professionally as well as receiving careers support and guidance, updates on the latest alumnae news and a varied calendar of events, from reunions to networking events. If you are a former pupil of South Hampstead and not already part of our network or would like to update your details, please do so on the GDST website.

South Hampstead alumnae are very much the torchbearers of our past, our present and our future. You are always welcome here and always part of the community.

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