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Songwriter alumna

This week, we were delighted to welcome back alumna and songwriter Laura Elvin to talk about her experiences in the music industry.

Laura first met with students who have chosen songwriting for their Mehr Licht enrichment module this term; our Mehr Licht programme (named after our school motto, ‘more light’) enables all pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 to explore a range of exciting topics beyond the curriculum in a double period each week. Options range from photography to first aid, architecture to fashion, and Japanese to sign language.

Laura was also the guest speaker at our lunchtime songwriting club, run by Sixth Former, Beatrice. She spoke to students about the music industry today, stressing you cannot succeed as an artist on talent alone. “Being an artist today is similar to being an entrepreneur,” she advised. “I am constantly marketing myself and building my own brand to make it as an artist and producer.” Laura performed the first song that she wrote aged 14, while studying at South Hampstead, to the students.

Laura has always been passionate about music, playing the piano and flute at school, taking singing lessons and being an active member of the school choir. At home, she was influenced by the classical music tastes of parents which she combined with elements of jazz, pop and rock to create her own unique sounds.

Laura released her first single, Growing Fonder, on Spotify in August this year.

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