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An Ode to Year 2

Form teacher Mrs Paramour has penned a special lockdown poem for her class as the summer term nears an end.

Watch it here and read it below.

A Lockdown Poem 

“Do you mind teaching Year 2?” the Head Teacher asked,

(Knowing Mrs Paramour had in the past.)

It was agreed and decided but who could’ve foreseen?

That by March 23rd we’d be in quarantine?


Who could have predicted we’d be learning online?

With cameos from siblings (and the occasional feline.)

Who could’ve imagined all the things you’d create?

When you were stuck in at home without a classmate?


Kit entertained us with her poems and rhymes,

And Chloe established “The SHJS Times”

Jessica’s Wild Horses Club was still going strong.

And we could watch Amelie’s Open Task all day long!


Noor impressed us with facts about Hawking,

And Kitty again about Star Wars was talking,

Then Aiyla and Mala performed their own play,

Whilst Evelyn updated us from school each day.


And Lily amazed us with her hula-hoop skills,

Whilst Saskia designed outfits with buttons and frills,

Zoe impressed us with her STEAM Challenge plants,

And Calissa performed the most beautiful dance.


Cleo rocked up with a wand, glasses and gown,

And Sophia’s cookie recipe was the best in town,

Stella went camping – with relative success,

And Kyra’s computing skills were sure to impress.


Jemima made a huge boat out of Lego,

Whilst Isabella and Eddie stole the show,

Skye was keeping the tooth fairy busy,

Whilst Aditi painted our dear Queen Lizzie!


India impressed us with her tiger art,

And Jessie’s scientific knowledge was off the chart.

We saw dozens of pets that were incredibly cute,

And the phrase of the term was “I think you’re on mute.”


You’ve shown such resilience, strength and grit,

And so have your parents – they deserve credit!

Now summer is approaching and we all need a break

If not for ourselves, then for your parents’ sake.


Have a wonderful summer and remember,

You’re absolute stars; I’ll really miss you.

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