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Calmer Screen Time

Our Junior School PTA organise regular talks to support our parent community; the latest addressed the topic of screen dependency.

At a recent event, the PTA invited the distinguished learning and behaviour specialist, Noël Janis-Norton, whose approach aims to provide highly effective techniques and positive parenting strategies to lead to calmer, easier and happier family lives.

The focus of the evening was the subject of screen time.  Clearly a fraught and emotive subject within a number of households, the issue was deconstructed by Noël who argued that parental values should prevail. She talked parents through a range of strategies, from insisting that children earn their screen time, to making direct eye contact with children when they begin to pester, to extending subtle praise for cooperating. As such, there was much discussion about the reptilian part of the human brain!

We look forward to welcoming Noël again in the future, as her authority and expertise, as well as her chosen format of a two-way discussion with parents, were appreciated by all.

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