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‘Class of’ Bursaries

Alumnae from the Classes of 1981 and 1982 have come together to make regular donations, contributing to our bursary campaign.

We are delighted that so many former pupils have joined forces to help offer more transformative, fee-assisted places, allowing more bright, young women to study at South Hampstead.

For alumnae Jill Davies (Class of 1981) and Madalyn Todd Aslan (Class of 1982), bursary fundraising is close to their hearts. They both studied at South Hampstead, supported by financial assistance, and are now working with their former classmates and our Philanthropy & Alumnae Department to ensure the school can provide more financial support to girls whose families cannot afford the fees.

Jill commented: “At South Hampstead, I could thrive in an atmosphere with a variety of opportunities and experience, and a rich musical life. My GDST bursary enabled me to discover a different way of being… If we can encourage other former pupils from our year group to join us, together we can make a real difference to a young girl’s life.”

If you would like to support a ‘Class of’ Bursary for 1981 or 1982, or would like set up a similar scheme for your own year group, please contact us:

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