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French Adventures

Year 6 pupils immersed themselves in French language and culture on an action-packed trip to Burgundy.

During their penultimate term in the Junior School, Year 6 enjoy to France for a week of language-learning, activities and gastronomic delights.  The pupils report back on the highlights of this year’s trip:

We set off early in the morning with a sense of adventure. After several service station stops, we arrived at Maison Clare Fontaine in the Burgundian countryside. Despite our long journey, we were all too excited to be tired! We rushed into our dorms, ready for the fun-filled days ahead. We went to a circus where we got to try out many different circus skills such as the tightrope, trapeze, and acrobatics. Every day we had French lessons and a chance to learn French songs and a dance. On one of the days, we went to the town of Vézelay and practised speaking French, although we were a bit nervous. Our favourite day was our last day in France. We went to the market where we had to order ourselves a 3-course meal for lunch – difficult but lots of fun! Our trip finished with a French disco and the chance to showcase the French songs and dance that we had been practising. A great end to our French trip!

Pupils undertake their first residential trip to York in Year 4 then go a longer stay to France in Year 6, one of the many experiences to help develop their independence and broaden horizons.  All pupils at the Junior School learn French from Year 1 to Year 6, before taking up Latin and two modern foreign languages at the Senior School.

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