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GDST Maths Conference

A group of Year 6 pupils spent a day solving problems at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford.

This year’s GDST Junior Maths Conference began with a lecture from Alison Kiddle, exploring the beauty of Maths in the natural and human world, followed by an inspirational talk from GDST alumna Joely To who set up ‘Pio(pie)eer Maths’ – a network that nurtures girls’ interest in Maths beyond the school curriculum to build their confidence. Our pupils worked with Sixth Form mathematicians from Oxford High School GDST and alongside Year 6 pupils from 20 different GDST schools to solve a range of problems using curves and angles.

The girls enjoyed a tour of the Mathematical Institute, admiring the diamond-shaped Penrose tiling, named after the Oxford Mathematical Professor Sir Roger Penrose, who constructed non-repeating patterns.  Inspired by the awe and wonder of the day, the girls enjoyed learning about the Fibonacci sequence and Pascal’s triangle, drawing mathematical shapes and collaborating with fellow Mathematicians from across the UK.

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