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Lockdown Motivation

As 2021 began amid more uncertainty, Mrs Bingham unveiled her plan to help pupils make the most of life in lockdown.

During the first online assembly of term, Mrs Bingham suggested her own mantra for staying positive: Habits, Plans, Treats. She cited the importance of daily habits, especially sleep and healthy eating routines, as well as encouraging everyone to get outside every single day. Plans, she suggested, could involve completing little projects, or dreaming about things to do after lockdown – whether going to new places or meeting with friends. For treats, she advised doing something joyful each day, without feeling guilty.

To help motivate and inspire, pupils were issued with a list of 50 things to do in lockdown, with House points awarded for a range of challenges, including a multitude of screen-free ideas: litter-picking and postcard writing, walking at sunrise and in the rain, listening to Bach and window-gazing.

Our Director of Sixth Form set different lockdown challenges for older pupils, encouraging them to develop new skills and broaden horizons: whether tying a bowline knot, learning to change a car tyre, watching a foreign language film or listening to a new album.

We look forward to awarding plenty of House points on our return to school.

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