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Motivational Monday – Historical Fiction Author

Author and alumna Natasha Siegel recently returned to share some writing wisdom with pupils and read passages from her newly published novel.

Natasha (Class of 2017) has always had a passion for writing. Reflecting on her school years at South Hampstead, she remembers how important studying both English and History were to planting the seeds for her writing career, and the unfaltering support she received from her teachers, Miss Wilson and Mr Larochelle.  Her enthusiasm for both subjects continued throughout university, where she studied for a joint degree in English and History. Today, she is in the process of completing a part-time masters in Early Modern Studies at UCL whilst writing her upcoming book, The Phoenix Bride.

At South Hampstead, Natasha took part in creative writing groups and entered poetry writing competitions in her spare time. She also ran an LGBTQ+ society in the Sixth Form and raised funds for the Albert Kennedy Trust – a charity which supports young LGBTQ+ people into safe homes and employment.

Natasha shared her advice with pupils keen to begin a career in writing: ‘Allow yourself to pursue the things you love…  the subjects you choose to study do not dictate your future. Careers are multifaceted; it’s important to keep an open mind and a drive to pursue your passion.’

Although she had her first novel published in the US at the age of just 24, she recognises the challenges of working in the creative industry.  ‘I want to give a ray of hope that a writing career is possible. If you love what you are creating, and you believe in it, that is what is most important.’ 

Natasha’s newly published novel, Solomon’s Crown, has been published in the US and can be purchased online.

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