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Motivational Monday – Human Rights

Human rights lawyer Rosa Curling is our latest alumna to contribute to our Motivational Monday series.

Rosa came to talk to our Upper Sixth students about her work, her passions and some of the real issues at stake as big tech and governments alike process increasing amounts of our personal data.

Rosa studied History at A Level and, during her visit, met up with her former teachers Mrs Morgan and Ms Coates to reminisce about her school days:

“I loved my time at South Hampstead and I make sure to meet up with three of my best school friends every two months without fail – they will be my friends for life.”

After studying law, Rosa joined the human rights department at Leigh Day and specialised in public law and particularly judicial review and human rights cases.  She was involved with many high profile challenges to UK national and international bodies including the NHS, the European Council and the Turkish government.

Three years ago, Rosa co-founded Foxglove, a not for profit organisation which is now a four-women team of lawyers, community activists and tech experts. They are dedicated to fighting for ‘tech justice’ and wage legal battles against the increasing use of opaque and discriminatory algorithms in government decision-making; the spread of harmful technologies, such as facial recognition software; and the vast accumulation of power by tech giants.

“Our aim at Foxglove is to stand up to tech giants and governments, and for a future where technology is used to benefit everyone – not just the rich and powerful.”

Rosa’s past legal wins have included: blocking the export of weapons to Saudi Arabia; keeping NHS hospital services open; curbing the reach of the bedroom tax; protecting journalists and lawyers from surveillance of their clients and sources; and forcing the UK to admit more unaccompanied child refugees. She spoke to our students about two cases she has been involved in recently: the first against Facebook and unregulated content on the site, and the second against the Secret Intelligence Services.

Rosa has been shortlisted for Human Rights Lawyer of the Year and Public Law Solicitor of the Year. She currently chairs the board at Shadow World Investigations and is on the board of Videre Est Credere.


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