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Motivational Monday: Marketing Consultant

Our latest Motivational Monday interview is with Marketing Consultant Rebecca Goldenberg (Bard) (class of 2003).

Rebecca recently spoke to students about her 15 year career in retail marketing working for well-known brands such as Estée Lauder, American Express, New Look and Dr. Barbara Sturm.

“My role allows me to work with diverse and wonderful people to develop and launch best in class cosmetic products,” explained Rebecca when she spoke to Sixth Formers.  “The marriage of art and science comes together in what I do, both from a new product development perspective and also across the entire marketing mix.  I work with creative teams to develop show-stopping visual assets aligned with commercial goals.”

Reflecting on her school days, Rebecca told the students: “South Hampstead shaped me into an independent thinker. We were always encouraged to act and think as individuals, to pursue our interests and to stand up for ourselves. My favourite subject at school was art.  I loved the free reign and had the freedom to develop whatever ideas I had.  I was always searching for interesting and sustainable materials for abstract ideas, working with cassette tape, wire, plaster, even making sequins out of developed camera film. I also enjoyed Maths and found great satisfaction in grasping a new topic and then problem-solving. I now apply statistics in my marketing roles when working on market research or analysing sales data. Outside of lessons, I loved being part of Young Enterprise.  I sourced cute accessories wholesale and re-sold them at a profit – this was before shops like Primark and H&M sold affordable fashion accessories and our stock items were a big hit with students!”

When choosing a university degree, Rebecca was torn between the creative and commercial routes.  “I went on to study International Management, which felt like the safer route providing better prospects. I think I found my way back to a happy medium between creative and commerce with my career in marketing.” 

Her advice to South Hampstead students today is: “Read more, watch less TV, be confident, ask for help sooner with schoolwork… exam revision starts on your first day of term (don’t rely on cramming). Get outside in nature, enjoy this time in your life – and always wear SPF!”


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