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Motivational Monday – Music Student

We spoke to Class of 2021 alumna and Durham University Music student, Arielle Loewinger, about pursuing your passion.

After joining South Hampstead in 2014, Arielle immediately found her passion in the Music department. ‘The Music department was my second home. Dr Collisson, Miss Ellis, my singing teacher Danny Thomas and my flute teacher Mr Judson shaped me into the musician that I am today.’

Throughout her school years, Arielle took part in Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir, Senior Choir and extra-curricular music lessons. Outside school, she sang in the National Youth Choir and the London Youth Chamber Choir. During her gap year, she helped to run sectionals at the Finchley Children’s Music Group and studied Classical Voice at the Guildhall Conservatoire. When considering courses for university, Arielle decided to study Music for one main reason: ‘Music is so emotive. You get to give back with music.’

Arielle aspires to become a professional singer or a Music Therapist, helping others, including nonverbal people, to sing and speak. ‘I want to give back, and music is something that I can use to help people.’ We will certainly be checking back with Arielle in a few years’ time to see where she ends up!

Arielle’s advice to budding musicians? ‘Stick to what you love. Don’t be worried that music is not necessarily a ‘traditional’ career path. If it is truly your passion, the hard times will be worth it, and your work will pay off. Go for it!’

Arielle recently came back to South Hampstead to feature as a soloist in the Choral and Orchestral Concert. 

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