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Celebrating 30 Years

This academic year, History Teacher Pam Morgan celebrates three decades of loyal service to South Hampstead High School.

Pam joined in September 1990, having previously taught for 10 years at an international school in Hong Kong, and took over as Head of Department a year later.  For three decades, she has shared a love of History, and a particular enthusiasm for Russian and Chinese history, with a generation of alumnae.  In later years, Pam has also taught A Level Politics, before stepping down as Head of Department and going part-time.

“South Hampstead has a strong sense of community and that’s what has kept me here for so long. I live locally and often walk to work these days… my daughter was at South Hampstead and some of my best friends are teachers here.  Most of all, I’m able to share a subject that I love with girls who are receptive and have an effervescent curiosity.”

Pam has worked tirelessly not only to ensure students study a broad range of historical periods, but also by supporting numerous school trips to bring historical events alive. Many alumnae will recall the battlefields trip to northern France which Pam led with Joanna Coates for 20 years, as well as trips to Moscow and Beijing to complement A Level syllabuses.

“To go to places where events happen is really quite poignant, particularly the battlefields trip which we regularly link with a Remembrance Day whole school assembly. The China and Russia trips get across how very different these countries are from our own, and how very unique their cultures and the societies are. We learn so much from the guides, and every guide has a different story and different interpretation of the past.”

Throughout her career, Pam has increasingly found the study of History to become much more skills-based, with a greater emphasis on giving students a strong set of transferable skills to use in the workplace.  When she reflects on how students have changed over 30 years at South Hampstead, Pam is sure they are asking her even more questions.  “The girls are more inquisitive than ever. But they always remain ambitious and perceptive, hard working and want to do well.  So many of them are really supportive of each other which I really value.  I occasionally find myself teaching the daughters of alumnae who I taught many years ago!”

Thank you, Pam, for everything you have done for the History Department and our students; we wish you many more happy years teaching at South Hampstead.


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