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The 365 Club

Mrs Bingham announces she will stop buying clothes for a year as she launches a new lunchtime club encouraging the school community to make 365-day eco pledges.

The 365 Club will meet every half term, with participants encouraged to come up with environmental commitments – big or small – that they can adhere to for an entire year.  Convening in the Headmistress’ office in the lunch break, they will share their resolutions, track progress and aim to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Mrs Bingham kick-started the initiative announcing her own pledge at the first assembly of the academic year: to curb her penchant for purchasing new dresses. For the next 365 days, she aims to purchase no new clothes. Mrs Bingham plans to forgo her regular trips to Hobbs and instead wear what is already in her wardrobe or rely on second hand. Her ambitious pledge was inspired by an article and photoshoot in The Penguin – our student magazine – highlighting the benefits of sustainable fashion. Earlier this year, girls in the Junior School organised a clothes swap, encouraging each other to think twice before buying new items and raising awareness of the environmental consequences of fast fashion.  In the Senior School, the Eco-Committee invited Amber Testino to speak to the girls about sustainability in the fashion world.

The new club joins an already buzzing schedule of co-curricular activities. Each term, there are over 140 different options available in the Senior School pupils alone, before, during and after school, from coding and debating to ukulele orchestra and yoga.

The 365 Club is a spin off of the now well-established Project Zero – a pupil-led initiative to significantly reduce the school’s environmental impact by our 150th anniversary in 2026. The girls have already eliminated polystyrene lunch boxes, single use plastic cutlery and cups in the canteen, and set up recycling points for pens, crisp packets and batteries. The Eco-Schools Committee convene each week to proactively seek and mobilise new ideas on how to improve the school’s eco-credentials.

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