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Young Debaters

Year 5 pupils from 8 different London schools competed in our latest Debate Hub tournament.

Over 100 local Junior School pupils developed their listening, argumentation and critical thinking skills at the competition, judged and supported by our amazing Senior School helpers from Years 7 to 10. Each team engaged with a variety of challenging motions, from adult-focused vs child-focused parenting to the role of digital platforms in enhancing social interactions. A total of 34 teams took part in 51 debates, delivering 306 speeches, with only four teams emerging undefeated over the course of the evening – including one of our own Junior School teams.

This year alone, our award-winning Debate Hub has encouraged over 1000 pupils beyond South Hampstead to find their voice; the programme is funded thanks to generous support from our community to our Speak Up, Speak Out fund. If you or your company is interested in sponsoring Debate Hub, please contact

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