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Junior Mathematicians

A group of budding Mathematicians enjoyed a day of magic and problem-solving at the University of Oxford’s Mathematical Institute.

As part of the Girls’ Day School Trust Junior Maths Week, pupils from 21 GDST schools gathered for an inspiring day of magical, mathematical thinking. The annual get together has been on hold for two years due to the pandemic, so it was a joy to see so many enthusiastic Mathematicians back in action.

Six of our Year 6 pupils joined a tour around the institute to discover the hidden Maths woven into the building. Helped by Oxford High School Sixth Formers, they solved tricky problems by writing on the windows and coffee tables, before enjoying a fantastic workshop by Zoe Griffiths of Think Maths.

Cecilia in Year 6 said: “I really enjoyed learning about the torus and liked how they blew huge smoke rings all the way to the back of the room.”

Émilie added: “I enjoyed exploring the mathematical structure of the building, such as the artworks and the glass structure that was a soundwave from hitting a drum. I also liked the problems where you needed to discover the patterns.”




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