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Spear Volunteers

Parents and Sixth Form ambassadors have been working with disadvantaged young people in the local community to help them find work via our partnership with Spear.

The award-winning Spear programme started 15 years ago, with the understanding that all young people have potential, but not always the means to realise it. The year-long programme begins with an intensive six weeks of pre-employment training – a transformative initiative that has supported over 5,000 unemployed 16 to 24 year olds in the past decade, with 75% remaining in work a year later. Spear empowers each trainee to overcome their circumstances by giving them the practical and personal skills to be work-ready.  Since September, South Hampstead has been working with Spear’s local centre on our doorstep, on Finchley Road.

Today, we held a coffee morning to galvanise support from the wider school community. Representatives from Spear Camden shared a powerful short film of Fisa’s journey, one of the programme’s many success stories. One of our Junior School parents, a Spear Trustee, and pupil volunteers spoke about their positive experiences and rallied others to get involved.

“The work Spear do is inspirational, giving everyone the chance to be set on the right path. It’s easy to take our opportunities for granted. Working with people from such different backgrounds and life experiences – and being able to offer them constructive advice and see their progress – has been incredibly satisfying.”  Millie, Sixth Form Spear Ambassador  

“Initially, I was hesitant – I thought that the trainees, from such different walks of life, might be resistant to receiving help from someone younger than them. But everyone I’ve met has been so receptive. Getting to know them as individuals and witnessing their growth is very rewarding.  I’ve definitely grown in the process too, acquiring new skills and experiences.”  Daisy, Sixth Form Spear Ambassador 

“One trainee always sat quietly in our group sessions and would rarely say a word. But as the weeks passed, it was clear she had lots of impressive ideas. You could just see her smile ever so slightly when she eventually voiced her thoughts and others showed support. It’s the little moments like that, when someone feels able to be more confident, to come out of their comfort zone, that adds to the great experience of working with Spear.”  Alisha, Sixth Form Spear Ambassador 

“By volunteering for just a couple of hours, I’m able to deliver invaluable ‘third party’ interview experience. I would encourage all South Hampstead parents to get involved in whatever way they can to help these young people in our local community build a better future for themselves.”  South Hampstead parent volunteer 

“There are lots of opportunities to get involved. Everyone can offer something. With Spear Camden right on our doorstep, it’s so easy to make a genuine and tangible difference in the community. We’d love to grow our core group of passionate advocates at South Hampstead to make even more of an impact.” South Hampstead parent volunteer 

If you would like to make an online donation to our local Spear centre, please follow this link. If you are part of the South Hampstead community and interested in getting involved, please contact our Spear Liaison teacher:


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